Friday, December 20, 2013

Wandering the Woods

Pines Yesterday I decided to get out for a hike - it had been a little while and I knew it would be a longer while with the weather forecast consisting of so much rain. As with most times when I go out with no specific photo plans, I came away with no amazing photos. It was a grey day and my main concern was just being in the woods. I followed some coyote tracks, chased some deer, heard a screaming hawk and saw a woodpecker hanging out with robbins.....of course I still snapped a few photos...

Everett Road Covered Bridge The Everett Road Covered Bridge
Just when you thought you've seen it from every angle... Birch These trees were pretty cool - they were actually all growing out of one, older, fallen tree. Deer Three of the deer I scared the bejesus out of.

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