Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Portraits

Laura and I Last evening I shot portraits of couples at a Christmas Party with Laura assisting me. The location was a very nice house - they asked me to set up on the stairs. I immediately saw multiple problems with this. I would have barely any room to set up my lights and I would be virtually right on top of the subjects. While I tried to figure out how I could pull this off I also realized I would be partially blocking the entrance to the party - I didn't think that a bunch  photo gear is what guests should see as their first impression of the nicely decorated home.  We ended up finding a better location in the back of the house - it still wasn't ideal(the background was too busy) - but it was much better. I had room to set up an light stand with an umbrella for my key light and I bounced a second light off the wall on the other side for some fill. In the small cream-colored room light was reflecting everywhere but I managed to get it under control enough to take some decent portraits. There was a slight color-cast from the walls that I corrected in Photoshop. 
Above is a test shot - I set the self-timer and right before it went off we moved into this goofy prom-pose...and lost it....

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