Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Indian Hill

Where the River Bends... Yesterday I parked my car at the Covered Bridge, walked along Furnace Run, cut across an old farm field(the Pasture Field), hiked up and along the Indian Hill, down the other side, along the railroad tracks past Szalay's, and through the woods behind the Big Field back to my car. A great hike indeed.

My Favorite Path The Indian Hill was labeled on old maps as "Szalay's Indian Site" but it is now owned by the National Park. The hill juts out from Oak Hill Road into the Valley - it then narrows for a while(above photo) before broadening out at the end. With Furnace Run on one side and the remnants of a creek bed on the other you can see why it would have been an important strategic location. Selfie Selfie on the Hill - Szalay's in the background. Where the River Bends... 'Where the River Bends' - Furnace Run. When I first worked at Szalay's we used to farm this field - the creek has taken much of it away since then... Anthony and Dad 2009 'Anthony and Dad 2009' Ice, Rocks, and Roots 'Ice Formations, Roots and Rocks' - along Furnace Run Big Sky IV 'Big Sky IV' - looking towards the Big Field from Furnace Run. River Bed 'River Rocks' Green Tree Reflections 'Green Tree Reflections' Szalay's Farm in Winter 'Szalay's - From the Tracks'

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