Friday, December 27, 2013

Xmas Morning

XMas Wrappings First lets clear up a misconception - "Xmas" doesn't take the "Christ out of Christmas" but is an old abbreviation that comes from the Greek word for Christ, which starts with an X and the "mas" is from the Latin "Mass". Learn your history before ranting. Anyways - this post is a continuation of yesterday's - more wide angle shots - this time on Christmas Morning. Like an idiot I forgot to put my recharged batteries back into my flash - so these are mostly natural light - I say mostly because I did use the pop-up flash a few times. I rarely use the pop-up flash with my Sigma lens because it is so wide that the flash can't cover the whole field of view - leaving a dark spot towards the bottom of the image. I didn't take as many Christmas mornng photos as I would have liked to because I had tweaked my back pretty bad the day before - so I was in a bit of pain - until the 'cup(s) of cheer' kicked in....

Present Pillow 'Presents Pillow' - like, "What, you have a problem with this?" Mimosa
Traditional morning mimosas Jacks The TV shape of this image comes from correcting the barrel distortion from the wide-angle lens. I usually re-crop to rectangle after doing this but I liked the shape... Jacks II Ryen and Jacks Split 'Split' - hurts just looking at it New Hat! New Hat Selfie - from Xmas Eve

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