Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday

Laura Not only does no one in my family shop on Thanksgiving - but none of us do any real shopping on Black Friday either - I guess we're a bunch of weirdos who would rather spend quality time together than save a few bucks on Chinese-made-plastic-junk. I believe my cousin Jeff started our family tradition of going to the West Side Market on Friday then heading to one of the local breweries for lunch(unfortunately Jeff couldn't make it this year). We used to grab a Christmas Ale at Great Lakes but its too crowded now - especially with the nieces and nephews in tow - so instead we grabbed food and some drinks at Market Garden Brewery. This year we also had a few at the Townhall - a newish bar/restaurant that had a great draft list, really good service, and pretty cool decor. We also checked out a glass blowing demonstration at the Glass Bubble Project and ended with a snowball fight behind the West Side Market...

Pork! Pork - at the West Side Market The Kids Ryen, Tanner, and Zane Tanner Tanner - at Market Garden Brewery - drinking a Shirley Temple Laura Laura - testing a sample at Market Garden Todd & Dad Dad and Todd - at the Townhall - listening to out informative bartender. Ryen and Rooster Ryen and Tanner petting the rooster at the Glass Bubble Project Ryen Ryen Glass Bubble Project The Glass Bubble Project Snowball Fight Dad nailing Todd with a snowball Zane Zane and Tanner having a laugh

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