Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monochrome Morning

East River Fishing "East River Fishing"
On our first morning in New York City I took a walk around Chinatown and then down to the East River. I was up early enough to catch some great light and I shot a whole roll of Kodak Tri-X with my Minolta X-700, two lenses, and red filters. For the last few years I almost always have two cameras with me - my Canon 7D and something with film in it(usually the aforementioned X-700 and Tri-X). It has surprised me lately how much my intuition takes over when I reach into my bag - this morning happened to be a black and white morning - and I knew it without thinking about it. I did grab the 7D once or twice and those colorful photos did nothing for me - I second guessed myself - or needed some kind of "digital reassurance". There are other days when I know to reach for my 7D, and I know exactly how to expose for the later processing I plan to do - I can see the final image before I even look at the camera or computer screen. I've read old interviews with photographers who talk about how different it is "seeing" in black and white compared to color - I guess this is all starting to come together for me.

Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge and Lowe Manhattan Chinatown Morning I loved getting up early and watching everyone set up there markets and stores in Chinatown. I guess in a sense it reminded me of mornings setting up at the farm. New BJ Is this a good price? Bike Path Under The Manhattan Bridge Bike path under the Manhattan Bridge. I really like the light in this - especially on the street lamp. Bridge Cut-Through Arch - even though this is a film shot I applied perspective correction in Photoshop - basically "stood up" the arch. With wide angle lenses architectural features look like they are leaning away from you. Morning Rush Morning Rush - off of the Manhattan Bridge Light on Chinatown Light on Chinatown
I'll probably post more of this roll soon - I'll add it here.

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