Monday, November 11, 2013

The High Line

Plants and Jersey
The High Line is a park in New York City that has opened in a couple phases over the last few years. It sits on an elevated rail line that was built in the thirties and abandoned in 1980 which runs roughly one mile through Chelsea and the Meat Packing District on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I had followed with interest the Park from its planning stages through the present so I was excited to actually check it out in person. I walked the whole thing from the south to the north as the sun was setting one evening. The park is paved but remnants of the tracks exist and are planted with various shrubs and grasses - I thought it looked really cool in the light and fall color. There are great views of the Hudson River and the surrounding neighborhoods - and there were many like-minded tourists taking photos or taking in the scene.  The park has proved so popular that it is spurring development along its path and a third phase is in planning stages.  
The High Line
This section had birch trees planted on both side making it almost like a tunnel. Stacked
New construction and stacked cars. Chelsea Blur
10th Avenue
Meat Packing View - from The High Line Americano
The Hudson River
Ship on The Hudson
The Tracks
Chelsea Corner
Chelsea Corner
It's really cool to see these kind of creative ideas being taken up by more and more cities - ways to preserve history and also make it useful.  I'm aware that there are some gentrification issues - I've read that some longtime businesses have been priced out of the neighborhood - I'm not qualified to speak to that as a non-New Yorker but it is worth looking into.  I do know I like safe greenspace though....


Kyle said...

Awesome photographs. When I was there it was loaded with people. Looks like you had the place all to yourself. I think of all the rail we have in downtown Akron and the opportunity to create something like this here.

Tim Fitzwater said...

It was probably a little colder when I was there - i can imagine it would be packed in really nice weather.
I know train lines all over the country have been converted into bike paths - they are so perfect because you don't have to cross traffic...