Monday, November 18, 2013

Manhattan Bridge Morning

New York Graffiti On our last day in NYC I went for a walk across the Manhattan Bridge(our hotel was only a couple minutes walk from the entrance). It was the morning "magic hour" and I shoot a bunch of photos with my Canon 7D. When I got out over the East River the views looking at the Brooklyn Bridge and back over Lower Manhattan were great but not my favorite part. What I really enjoyed were the unique views of Chinatown with the sky scrappers of downtown looming in the background.  New York City is unlike any other place - and there are so many different ways and angles to shoot it.  It could be explored for a lifetime.  

City of Children "City of Children" Painting "Rooftop Graffiti" Out to Dry "Out to Dry" East River "The East River" Manhattan Bridge "Manhattan Bridge #2" - this is where the subway trains pass by(and shake the whole bridge it feels like).

Walking the Manhattan Bridge
"Manhattan Bridge Tower"

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