Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Snow

Snow Trail 4
We now take a break from the regularly scheduled New York City posts to bring you images of the first snow. It came a little early for my tastes but my photography compulsion had me out of bed to "cover" it anyways. The light turned out to be pretty good so I'm glad I went - a nice mix of sun and clouds.  And as much as I don't feel ready for Winter it was nice to shoot familiar landscapes in totally different dressings...
This is a composite of two images - one exposed for the sky and one for the foreground. I mixed them in Photoshop. It would be better without all the sun-flares though... Tunnel
Snow Tunnel
Snow Covered Peach Tree
Snow Covered Peach Tree - in our yard. Fall & Winter
Fall & Winter - on our street. Jack-O-Snow

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