Sunday, November 24, 2013

Old Timey New York

Old New York One morning in New York I woke up early and headed out to move our car because it was trash day where it was parked. We were staying in Chinatown and I had about a 20 minute walk to the space I had found underneath the Williamsburg Bridge. I know that you never know what you will come upon in NYC but I was taken aback for a minute when I walked down a street and into another century. I started wandering around wondering what the heck was going on - I thought they were having some kind of old timey market until it dawned on me that it must have been for a movie. They were working on covering every bit of modern signage and filling the streets with dirt. I have to say it was really cool - I grabbed my Canon and did my best to capture the contrast between the modern workers and old time back drop. After shooting like this for a while I pulled out my Minolta and shot a roll of Tri-X - some of the shots really look like they are from a hundred years ago. After I finished shooting I found my car and accidentally crossed the bridge and found myself lost in Brooklyn - it was the first time I really wished I had a smart phone - and it turned into such an odyssey that by the time I found my way back the "trash hour" was over an I parked in almost the same spot...
Anyways - later that evening I walked back passed the place where I was shooting in the morning, not a trace of it was there - not even a speck of dirt left on the street...all gone and cleaned like nothing had happened - only in New York...

Barrel Roll Barrel Roll Back Ho
I desaturated these digital photos to give them a little bit of an old-school feeling while still being in color. Photographer She even dressed the part. She was the only other person I saw with a DSLR - lots of smart phone shooting though. Carting Cart of baskets. The Stag's Head The Stag's Head Beer Cart My kind of cart... Modern Man, Old New York My favorite shot - 'Modern Man, Old Timey New YorkSpirits
So glad I had Tri-X film with me... Bakery Cart The Produce Cart Sewing Machine Shop Sewing Machine Store Books Book Cart Produce Stand Produce Stand Set-up Comparing Notes Milk Cart Milk Cart Produce Stand
I love how contrasty this shot is.

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