Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rokkor on the Lake

Optical Illusions This is my film take on the photo shoot that broke out with my friends a few weekends ago. These are the kind of photos where the Rokkor 55mm f/1.7 shines - that 3d look it can give to portrait/people shots. I love it. I've written about this lens many times - the kit lens for a late 60's early 70s Minolta SRT-101 - not even Minolta's top of the line lens. No matter - nothing in my collection tops it(not even the 1000 dollar lens on my Canon 7D) - I think it almost defines my black and white film look. I used to try out the other lenses in the 50mm range in my Minolta collection but every time I did I regretted not having those shots with this...

Brad and Reflector Brad - a reflector was used to bounce the sunlight back on Brad. It almost looks like he is cut-out and placed in the scene ala Photoshop. Looking Down on You Shooting Down. Brad and Kyle Perspective Control Pose Getta Iphoneography Iphoneography - by the way - Google Chrome still underlines "Photoshopped" as a misspelling but not "Iphoneography".

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