Thursday, March 13, 2014

The End of Akron Color(film)

Mustard Seed 'New Mustard Seed'
I think this will probably be one of the last rolls of color negative film you'll see me post here - I'm out of the stuff and I'm starting to wonder what the point is anyways. This was the last roll of expired Kodak Max 400 I had. My scanner hates this expired stuff, I end up trying to fix it in Photoshop, virtually no one makes optical prints anymore, and I have to outsource the development(I'm not going to put the effort into learning C41). So If I want to shoot color it will probably be digitally. There is still some beautiful color film out there(I have a few rolls of E6 slide film left to shoot) but when it comes down to it if I can't control it from beginning to end I'm just not that interested. I think it will be analog for black and white and digital for color from now on.

Elizabeth Park MK II "New Elizabeth Park"
I think color film isn't long for this world anyways. Knowing that is kind of what made me want to get through a wide variety of it - it was fun - but now I've had my fix and its time to move on. To me it isn't even an analog vs. digital thing - its a control thing as I mentioned. C41 is developed in a lab by a machine - I pay someone to put my film through this machine and then I have to convert it to digital anyway - whether it be to share online or make prints. A digital print from an analog negative just doesn't make sense to me. EJ Thomas "EJ Thomas"
I didn't have any photos of this place - so I took one in this nice afternoon light. I also spent 20 minutes Photoshopping water marks off this image - pointless.
By the way - these were all shot with a Pentax K1000 and a 28mm lens.
The end....probably....

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