Monday, March 3, 2014

Wine Bottling

Wine Bottling I've never really captured Laura and I bottling any of our beers so today I was glad I was able to capture a few when we bottled our wine. The larger size of the wine bottles afforded me a little more time. I filled the bottles with our homemade Cabernet and Laura corked them with our new floor corker(courtesy of the Cleveland Brew Shop). Everything seemed to go pretty smooth for a couple of first time wine makers. We ended up with about 3/4 of a bottle at the end of bottling - so we figured we better test it out. It was pretty good even though it tasted fairly "green" - with some age its going to be pretty nice. They say to wait at least two months before drinking it - we'll see how we do. As a side note we got our black IPA in bottles on Saturday - which I'm very excited to try out when its finished carbonating.

Filling Bottles Gravity Laura Corking Laura - giving it her all Bottom of the Barrel The End

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Your girlfriend looks like she has lost some weight. I hope she's okay.