Thursday, March 20, 2014

Old Bottles, Old Flint

Old Bottles
I had a photo shoot canceled but I decided to light some things anyways. When I'm out hiking I often pick up the unique old bottles I find - in this shot there is a "Get Up" which also has "Akron, OH" printed on the back, a "Grapette", an "Akron Brewing", A "Golden Age" - from Youngstown, and a couple unknowns. Even when the painted label has worn away if you hold the bottles up to the sun a certain way you can usually still read what the label used to say.

Old Bottle Study I wanted to see what it would look like if I lighted the bottles from the bottom - above is that shot - below is the setup shot. Old Bottle Study Lighting Arrowheads Some of the arrowheads I found during my farming days. I used a light coming across from the left to show the texture - looking at it now, though I think its a bit too hard. Flint
Another take on part of my flint/arrowhead collection. A friend pointed out that this would look better on a more textured background than just plain white.

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