Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Hikes

Furnace Run With the warmer weather I had to get out into the woods. I went in the evening on Friday and Saturday down in the Valley. I expected it to be muddy but I didn't think about the fact that the creeks and streams would be so swollen with melt water that they would be impassible in places. On Saturday I had to cut my hike short because I couldn't find a suitable place to cross Langes Run. On Friday evening I hiked farther because I had to find ways around what would normally be small ditches. It was still good to get out in the fresh, late-Winter air though...

Forest from the Trees 'THE WOODS'Reddish Wood Old Wood at Sunset
Furnace Run Shadow
My shadow in Furnace Run.
Old Stove
'Old Stove' - I found the remnants of another old house on Saturday. The foundation and steps, some broken glass, old bottles, the stove, furnace and gutters. The stove and furnace are the two things that are almost always still there. This house must have had the coolest view when it was up - it sat right on the edge of a bluff over-looking the creek below...

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