Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Layers of The Ledges

The Ledges Walking The Ledges Trail at Virginia Kendall always feels like a walk through history for me - and I'm not talking about the geological history of the sharon conglomerate. I started hiking here as a little kid with my Dad, running cross country practices, a high school photography field trip, one of the first places I took my original digital camera, countless hikes with various friends, and on and on - there is a memory around every rock and turn. 
Anyways - when I was there on a evening last week I felt maybe I would finally be able to get a decent photo of the Ledges from below. Being late day and Winter gave me a good chance - in the Summer the leaves on the trees block any kind of magic hour light.

The Ledges II I have countless unposted photos from this perspective - I didn't used to have a grasp on the way time of day and year had such an effect on quality of light. I thought I should be able to snap a good photo of something cool at high noon in August - now I wouldn't even take my camera out of the bag at those times...
Looking Up
One of my favorite shots I ever took here was looking down on this tree from the top(see it here) - wow - looking at the EXIF data I just realized that was 5 1/2 years ago. Ice Box Cave First time I have ever seen this - they had the whole area fenced off. I understand the need but it is still kind of a bummer that kids won't be able to walk up to the cool aptly named Ice Box Cave in Summertime... Ledges Sky Big Sky - obligatory Sunset photo from the Main Overlook.

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