Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cleveland Museum of Art

Atrium On Friday night Laura and I went up to the Cleveland Museum of Art - neither of us had been there since the renovation was completed. I'm not a big fan of the looks of the new building from the outside but it did add a considerable amount of space on the inside. The huge glass atrium(above) is pretty cool but gives me the same feeling as the newish lobby at the Akron Art Museum - tons of new space but not necessarily exhibition space - I guess these places are meant to be a show piece and bring people in for other events?
Anyway, the highlight for me was the temporary exhibition, Beijing: Contemporary and Imperial: Photographs by Lois Conner. They were photos shot with a 17x7 camera and the prints were platinum contact prints(and a few digital enlargements). Really great stuff - many juxtaposed modern Beijing's growth against the older dwellings. Definitely worth checking out for the price of admission(free).

Armor Court "The Armor Room" - This always captured my imagination as a kid - it was hard to look at a bunch of paintings catching glances of this room through the doorways. It is still pretty cool.
"Laura's Lance"
Laura "Laura" - we had planned to grab some dinner in Little Italy but our timing was bad and everything was pretty crowded - so we had a few brews and dinner at ABC The Tavern. They had a great beer list and I ate shark for the first time in my life. Beers "Drafts and Bottles"

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