Friday, March 28, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

Grain Focuser
I like to light is some stuff.
"MinSight Grain Focuser" - I should have bought one of these before I even set up my enlarger to make darkroom prints. I was squinting at the photo paper turning the knob up and down, "is it in focus? a little more this way, well, maybe a little more that way?" - this alleviates the problem and makes focusing a breeze. They really aren't that expensive either - which is a rarity for photo equipment. This is the same focuser from two different angles composited together.

Classic Clock "Classic Clock"
When I went to Rome last year my room had no clock in it - and my cell phone wouldn't work. On my last day there I was starting to get nervous - how was I going to wake up super early to catch the train to the airport - the front desk wasn't manned at the time on the weekend to give me a wake up call. The problem was solved when I haggled for this alarm clock at the flea market. I've always wanted one of these classic two bell alarm clocks anyways. It was a little nerve-racking relying on a clock I had never used before to wake me up - but the old spring technology came thought for me - and I am back in America today because of it.... Time-O-Lite "Time-O-Lite" - a classic darkroom timer. My friend Rick gave this to me - and like many old things it was built like a tank and still works perfectly.
St. Peter's Ale
"St. Peter's IPA" - not gonna lie - I bought this beer for the bottle. I mean, the beer was fine - a classic English IPA, pretty light by today's standards(probably in line with regular Sierra Nevada Pale Ale )- but that bottle, that bottle....

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