Monday, March 24, 2014

Follow Me To Akron

Into the Setting Sun Yesterday was a beautiful day in the former Rubber Capital, albeit still really cold. I'm not usually one to complain too much about the weather - but I am getting sick of the cold fingers on the camera at this point - especially on a day where standing in one place waiting for the sun/clouds is necessary. Anyways - I did my usual park at Cascade Locks and walk into and around downtown. I like doing it on Sundays when I can catch photos without much traffic. Nothing too groundbreaking for me here - just more Akron shots from different angles on a very pretty evening.

Market Street "Market Street" Akron Art Museum Study #9 "Akron Art Museum" - I've shot similar photos before(The Knight Foundation even used one in an ad in the Beacon) but I couldn't pass this one up. The Tops "The Tops" - looking towards Market from the top of a parking deck. St. Bernard Parish "St. Bernard Parish" - from a parking deck also. Quaker/Church "Quaker/Church" - I also shot this with black and white film, which I think will be a better shot. John S. Knight Center "The John S. Knight Center" - because of the light. Akron's Carnegie Library "Akron's Carnegie Library" - can you imagine being so rich that you build 2,509 libraries - Carnegie could. Glass on Glass(Luigi's Reflection" "Blown Glass(Luigi's Reflection)" To Downtown "To Downtown"
Skyline 2014 "Skyline 2014" -Downtown from a different angle.

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Anonymous said...

These are fantastical. My favorite is the Market St.!!