Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fat Tuesday, Still Life

Honest Abe and the Boys
I don't shoot film indoors very often but its something I've been looking to do more of - probably inspired by my film flickr groups and images I come across on tumblr. So I decided to finish off a roll of T-Max by setting up my Minolta on a tripod and shooting around the house. My intuition of exposing more than the meter reading was right - as anything I exposed exactly as the meter said was a little dark. I had a hot light setup for the self-portrait and cocktail shaker shots - the others were just good late-day sun coming through the window. More of this roll later in the week....

Movers and Shakers Cocktail Shakers Buttons and Pins Pins in Light Spider Plant Study #3 Spider Plant Study #3 Knight's Lights I don't know - I'm planning on going to a Man Ray exhibit on Friday?

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