Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Analogue Akron

Geese Cross Main #1 "My name is Tim ...and I take photos of Akron."
This is the yin to yesterday's color yang. This roll was shot on two separate walks through Downtown - one the same day as yesterday's post and the other was a few weeks ago when I walked up out of the Valley and down a street I had never been down before. This was my last roll of T-Max 400 that I had one in a contest a little while back. I used a hypo clearing agent for the first time ever when I developed this roll. I started to feel guilty about the amount of water I was wasting when washing the fixer from my film - this cuts the washing time considerably. I was amazed to see it also washed Kodak T-Max's pink tint away. This is something I should have been doing all along - atleast now I'll be saving some time and being just a bit more "green"....

House on a Hill "House on a Hill" - Walking up Bluff Street for the first time. Only Shades of Grey "Only Shades of Grey" the Shapes of Things "The Shapes of Things" Chill Spot II "Chill Spot II" - farther up Bluff. Old Akron Building Number 47 I had never seen this cool old building before - looks like it had a loading dock for the trains at some point. Not sure what it is now but all of the windows look newish so I assume its in use. Safety On Furnace Street - I liked the light - another building I had never noticed(for the archives). Vivian Maier Much? Vivian Maier Much? Under a Bridge Near Downtown "Underneath a Bridge Near Downtown" - I've shot similar photos before, but this one is better. St. Bernard Parish "St. Bernard" - kinda like yesterday's - but better on film. University from the Deck "Looking Towards Akron U"

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