Monday, February 24, 2014

Flying Friends

Brad and Plane Shadow My friend, Brad, came up from Columbus and spent the weekend with me. On Saturday afternoon we met a few other friends at Summit Lake Park - Brad brought airplanes(Brad and plane shadow above). We flew the planes for a while and then went for a hike on the Towpath. When we got to the bridge on Summit Lake a full-blown photo-session broke out...

Prepare for Takeoff Greg - preparing for takeoff Flying 'Brad Flying' - I shot this at 1/2000 of a second to freeze the motion of the plane. Takeoff and Landing Takeoff and Landing Diptych Help! Help! - and some Photoshop effects Busted Brad holding my plane - which broke on its first flight. Wing Man Wingman Group on Bridge Self-timer Group Shot Testing the Ice Ice-Checking On a Rock Brad, Greg, Rock SunBounce Kyle brought a reflector with him that he wanted to try out. The reflector has several different covers - here we were messing around with the gold for fun - even though it would be much more suited for sunset light. Golden Getta and Kyle Golden Getta and Kyle. Getta and Kyle Kyle and Getta being shot. Portraits Greg and Kyle ....and awesome cheesy pose.
Jumping - I can only imagine what the people who happened to look out their windows thought....we never quite nailed the timing thing.

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Milo said...

This shot is just amazing.