Thursday, February 20, 2014

Metal Machine Music

Machined Yesterday I did a shoot of extrusion machines and their various parts. I was glad that I heeded the advice of my friend/mentor Rick - who is a retired professional photographer. He has repeatedly told me to always be over-prepared - have multiple ways to trigger lights as well as other back-up plans. I needed them yesterday as a I had a sync-cord that wouldn't work(brought a second) and had a strobe go up in smoke(had an extra). Its not how you light things but how you react when the light goes up in smoke - my new tagline? Well I guess its both - I'm just glad I was prepared. 
I think the shots came out really nice - a couple examples are posted here. Shiny metal can be a challenge sometimes - its more about placing reflections of the lights than lighting the object. I enjoyed the shoot as I enjoy the challenge of shooting anything no matter how "boring" it may seem. Another thing Rick has taught me is that there is art in making anything look good - and I agree.

Screws Screws Worker For this shot I simply bounced my flash of the wall behind me - no point getting crazy with the lights when you don't need too.

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