Sunday, February 9, 2014

More New/Old Cameras

Minolta XE-7 These are three slr's that I bought last summer but forgot to add to my online collection. My camera page is up to date with all the cameras I have shot with and I'm going to start working on adding the rest of the collection. My flickr set now has every camera that I own in it.  I'm also making a list of my plans for the cameras I want to use as Spring(hopefully) fast approaches.  I have five or six that work fine - I only need to replace the light seals - and a few more that I'm thinking of attempting bigger repairs on.  I also have 120mm black and white film on order so I can continue on with my Box Camera Project.

Ricoh XR-2 This Ricoh XR-2 seems like a pretty nice camera and everything seems to be functioning - its near the top of the list for light seal replacement and then a load of fresh film.
The Minolta XE-7 at the top of this post will probably never work - the shutter looks like a real mess - but I barely paid anything for it and it fills in the "XE" spot in my extensive Minolta collection. Minolta XG-7 My first film SLR was a Minolta XG-1 - this is the slightly better version - the XG-7. Both of these were Minolta's budget line in the late 70s targeted toward amateurs who wanted an interchangeable lens camera.  I may end up shooting this for nostalgic reasons at some point...Minolta XG-7
It came in the original box with the manual and everything.

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Anonymous said...

I bet you guys can't wait till the nicer weather, to get out there and get back to estate sales and flea markets. I hear your girl really knows how to find a camera or two.