Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This Leads to That(to this)

I've spent long hours the last few days at my desk staring into my monitor editing photos for some jobs - this evening I decided I needed some fresh air. Around sunset I grabbed my 7D and headed down to nearby Big Bend for a walk on the Towpath. It was icy, hard to walk, and very cold(felt much colder than the 15 my computer said it was) but it was nice to be out. I hiked down the connector trail that leads to the Schumacher Area but detoured down what must have once been a road. Its an area I've explored before and tried to figure out. This time I found an old utility pole and from there saw a strange looking bush that was out of place - the kind that would only adorn a front porch - I knew I was onto something. I wandered off the trail and found an old house foundation and other remnants. Not great photographic stuff for my camera but great for the photographs my imagination builds. I know many people who do great work photographing the falling down - I photograph the already-mostly-gone. I have folders filled with these kinds of things - the stuff that will hardly be noticeable in a few years....

Sinks Old Sink Grounded Grounded
Old Power
The utility pole that lead to my extremely important historical discovery....

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