Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Frank's B-Day

Steve, Tiffany, Frank, and Mario Last night Mario and Tiffany Nemr threw a birthday party at the Matinee for Frank Comunale - who is running for State Representative. It was a great party with a good crowd - nice mix of younger and older -good food and music too. I shot photos of the event using my usual Matinee style of bouncing the flash off the ceiling. I hope the new Matinee has white ceilings too.
By the way, I've finally starting using the 'content-aware fill' in Photoshop along with the clone and patch tools to remove elements from images - name tags in this instance. It works really well in many situations - in fact I think I'll do a post on it tomorrow.

Candles Birthday Wish Jamming Jamming Ray and Frank Frank, Ray and Family Staff Members of Frank's Staff Matinee Crew Matinee Crew
More of these will be on Frank's Facebook page...

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