Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bottling and Re-Racking

Bottling Today Laura and I bottled the Dortmunder that we brewed a few weeks ago. We took a sample off the bottom of the barrel and it seemed to taste pretty good. Now we just have to wait while it carbonates in the bottle - which in our chilly house will probably take around three weeks. We also re-racked our Cabernet into a clean carboy for its final stage of clearing - it should be ready to be bottled in two weeks.

Every Last Drop 'Every Last Drop'
We sampled the wine too - which seems to be well on the way to being very good. Sampling
These are the samples of our wine and beer.
We also have a black IPA fermenting in a primary that we will transfer to clear next weekend - more brewing soon...
All of the shots here are high-ISO non-flash shots - quick snaps during the action.

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