Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow Day

Scratch-made Pizza On Saturday Laura and I knew we weren't going to attempt to leave the house - our street never even got plowed. We were, however, pretty productive around the house. We re-racked our homemade Cabernet Sauvignon, brewed a Dortmunder Lager beer, made pizza from scratch(dough & sauce), as well as all the normal weekend chores(shovelling cleaning, laundry etc). I've written before about how I enjoy the homebrewing process much like I enjoy developing my own film(I guess this goes for baking too).  There are lots of similarities - temperature control, adding the right ingredients at the right time, agitations etc - and coming away with something made with your own two hands.  I also got a little work done on my darkroom - which will bring more analogies(but more on that soon).   

Brewing Grains Brewing Supplies Cabernet This is our re-racked Cabernet - the heating belt is around it to keep the temperature up over 70 degrees. (We keep our house far to cold for regular wine fermenting temps.) We did taste a little bit off the bottom of the primary fermenter - it was surprisingly decent for a 7 day old wine. Wort Chiller This is a wort chiller I made to help cool down the beer after the boil. Tools Hydrometer (measures the alcohol) and airlock. Laura Brewing a Dortmunder Laura brewing the Dortmunder Lager.
I'll have some update posts on these two brews as they progress.

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