Thursday, January 16, 2014


Disassembled A few days ago I mentioned that I wouldn't mind trying my hand at fixing some of my old cameras. So I slowly took apart my Royce Reflex the other night to attempt to fix the shutter(which didn't work). I knew I wouldn't be able to get involved in fixing more complicated stuff like the camera timing - but I hoped I could see what was holding up the shutter and perhaps correct it. I've done minor fixes on some of my SLRs(I fixed a stuck shutter on a Minolta X-570(which broke completely a few weeks later)). Anyways when I got down to the mechanism part of this camera I couldn't even tell what the shutter was - it didn't seem like there was anything in there that would cover the whole opening at once. I was baffled. As I messed around with the thing a spring came flying out - none of this was going well. I said before that you can't break something that is already broke - but I think this camera is more broke now. I had to struggle just to get the thing back together right so it could keep looking cool on my shelf. I've never been shy about sharing my failed attempts on this blog - and I was definitely in way over my head on this one.  I still plan to try and look at the innards of a few other broken cameras - but I'll be far less optimistic going in....

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