Monday, June 30, 2014

Week Off(of this)

In the Bucket Laura took a week long vacation and I took a week off of blogging - of course I didn't take any time off of shooting photographs... 
 We used the week to get some stuff done around the house...and drink good beer of course(often both at the same time)... So here are some random photos from our week.

Beer & Laura 'Citra Dog' on the patio of Winking Lizard in Peninsula. Renovation Realities 'Renovation Reality' - we got Laura's bathroom tiled - it wasn't easy or clean... Cucumber Swirl 'Cuke Swirl' - this cucumber plant is really climbing - probably about 4 feet tall now, not sure where to send it next... Pickle Behind Bars 'Pickle Behind Bars' Fuschia 'Fuschia' - our fuschia plant has been doing awesome since we started watering it with ice cubes to keep it cooler....and I'm still loving my newish 85mm lens. Patio @ Hoppin' Frog 'Hopping Frog Patio' - we had to make a trip to one of our favorite breweries. Beautiful day, beautiful beers. Beer 'Beer' - this was a strange one - it was a 'wheat stout' - it kind of tasted like every style of beer mixed together - in a good way. In the Shade We only eat at places with patios in the Summer... Good Beer "Hoppin Frog Selfie"
On Tap
We tried to eat at the 'On Tap' that used to be the Harbor Inn on the Portage Lakes. I didn't expect mind-blowing food - I just wanted to sit by the water. Unfortunately their staff is so terrible we walked out before we got served. Really - never even got a drink. Laura More beer of course... Bar 'World Cup Watching" - during a break in the renovation. Renovation Beer 'Renovation Beer'
We're big Brew Kettle fans - I'd like to get back out that way soon.

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