Monday, June 2, 2014

New to Nuevo

Nuevo Laura and I finally made our way downtown to the Gothic building to try out 'Nuevo Modern Mexican and Tequila Bar - or 'Nuevo'. There was a ton of buzz about this place before it opened but after it did I kept hearing 'blah' reviews. Even some trusted friends gave it a shoulder shrug. So we waited until the 'kinks' or whatever should have been worked out..... and either they were or I have no idea what my friends were thinking. We loved it - pretty much everything. Starting with a flight of three margaritas for me - $11 bucks for 'ritas with fresh squeezed juice seemed like a good deal - and the smoked salt on the rim was awesome(and I'm glad I didn't even have to be asked if I wanted them 'on the rocks' (of course I do - what do I look like, a tourist?)). Laura had the premium margarita which was also great. We were washing down chips and salsa(top-notch) and a delicious appetizer of perfectly prepared tuna.

We both had a few options in mind about ordering the main dish - so we asked the waiter for an opinion. I ended up with the Carnitas and Laura ordered a entree but modified (I believe it was the Pimento with pork). I thought both were unique and outstanding - interesting, smoky flavors. We also tried their beer (brewed specially for the restaurant by Thirsty Dog). We didn't get any farther into their extensive beer, wine or tequila lists - but probably will next time.  Laura and Ritas 'Margaritas' - oh so good. Tuna 'Tuna' Laura
I thought the layout and atmosphere of the place was cool. Modern in a vintage way - if that makes sense. The building itself is kind of a Akron landmark.
I'd really be interested in hearing some people chime in with some disagreements - or if their minds have been changed. I'm not great at writing food/restaurant reviews but I'm sure it comes across how much I dug the place. Fenced After dinner we decided to stroll on down to Main Street... Beer at Baxter's 'Laura' - we went to Baxter's and had a couple of beers in the sun. Baxter's in Sun 'Baxter's in Light' - we only ate her once and it was just so-so. I guess they actually just debuted and all new food menu this week. Their beer list is pretty good though - they just need to hire waitresses who know something about beer. The patio is their saving grace. Lock 3 Park 'Lock 3 Sunset'


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