Sunday, June 15, 2014

Saturday Bookends

Burritos! On Saturday morning Laura and I were in the mood for something good for breakfast and we didn't have much in the house. We decided to head down to the Farmer's Market at Howe Meadow and get some burritos from our favorite stand run by Spice Kitchen and Bar. Their breakfast burritos are out of this world - they don't give them away though - 9 bucks a pop.
 Of course I used the trip as a chance to mess around with my new 85mm lens - which looks great.

Breakfast "Burritos!" Laura As Per Farmer's Market tradition(of about three times) we walked over to Indigo Lake. The dynamic range of the 6D is awesome - I believe the sky would have blown out with my 7D. Purple Clover, Queen Anne's Lace, Crimson Hair Across Yout Face "Purple Clover, Queen Anne's Lace, Crimson Hair Across Your Face...." Reeling it In "Fish Story" Annoyed/Angry When we got back from the market we worked all day in the yard. We worked so long we didn't feel like making dinner so we headed down to Pub Bricco in the Valley - I brought my 50mm lens this time.
In this photo Laura is making fun of our awful service. Our waiter actual walked out the front door without even giving us the check. I wanted to walk out the front door without paying - but Laura wouldn't have it. The beer and food were really good though! Brews We weren't about to get a second beer at Bricco so we wandered down to TrailHead Brewery. It was our second trip there - we had been waiting a while to go back hoping that the beer had improved - and unfortunately it hasn't. We want to love this place so bad - but the beer tastes soapy. Oh well - maybe other people like Zest flavor - its been open almost a year. Rye IPA 'Rye IPA' - or 'Lever 2000'
'Laura and Logo'
We still had fun ..........making fun of soap beer.

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