Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ode to the Widest of Angles

Andrew My cousin Jeff let me borrow his Canon 10-22mm lens on a Thanksgiving weekend back in 2007 - I put it on my Rebel XT and was blown away by the results. I had never shot anything that wide and with that kind of dramatic distortion before.  I wanted it.  That Winter I was working third shift at Boston Mills - I decided when the season was over I wanted to get more serious about photography. I was able to easily save a decent chunk of change working those hours - there was no one around to spend my money with! So after the season I bought a new flash, a set of radio triggers, a 50mm, and the Sigma 10-20mm f/4. That Sigma was rarely ever off of my Rebel and was often on my next camera (the recently deceased) Canon 7D. I loved it. It was awesome for shooting bands in small venues - my favorite thing to do at the time - and I also used to capture sweeping landscape, dramatic portraits, and everything else in between.  
The lens began to sit on the shelf more and more as I purchased different lenses for the 7D....and now that I have a 6D the lens is pretty much useless to me. So when my buddy tweeted about wanting a wide angle but not sure about dropping the scratch on one I offered to make a deal on my Sigma. Thats Andrew above with my trusty ol' lens on his 60D(and I just wiped a tear from my eye). That lens never took a bad shot I didn't make it. I am glad its getting back to its roots though - mostly shooting live rock and roll.
Pour some out tonight for my homey 10-20mm.

me & sigma
First shot I ever took with the Sigma 10-20mm.
I was going to put together a little "greatest hits" here to honor the memory - but if you're reading this you've seen plenty of its work.

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