Thursday, June 5, 2014

Light Tests Take-Off

Selfie Tonight I was trying out a few lighting ideas I have for some upcoming shoots. I also wanted to test my new camera with the lights - unfortunately it doesn't have the regular light hook-up built in. I have to use a hot-shoe converter and I wanted to make sure it worked right before I was in a situation with a client. Everything worked well. I used my remote trigger to focus and take my shots - you can see it in my hand above. I was thinking it would be awesome to get a second set of triggers and put one on my other camera - you know, so I could take a picture of myself taking a picture of myself. Yes, that's pretty much the best idea I've ever had.... photos of photos.....

Bright Spot
I erased the light stand holding up the light behind me with Photoshop's 'content aware fill'. Pretty cool, eh?

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