Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rock and Roll

The Beyonders
It feels like I haven't seen and shot some live music for a long time - so it was good to get out Friday night to Musica to see The Beyonders and The Got it Need It. 'The Got It Need It' are a hard rocking bluesy duo from Canton who I've befriended and seen in their various incarnations over the years. Goody and Erik always rock - its a given.
This was my first time seeing 'The Beyonders' an "Interstellar Surf Band based out of Ohio's second moon, Akron" - also made up of old friends. They ruled - its rare for me to enjoy an instrumental band so much - but this was surf music taken to the edge of metal with some spaced out keyboard lines - and it worked.
I've said before that Musica is one of my least favorite local venues to photograph at - but with my new 6D's high ISO ability and a dose of Photoshop I was able to take decent photos and mostly without flash(snuck a few of flash shots in though).

The Beyonders The Beyonder - killin it. The Beyonders Canon 6D - killin it. ISO 800 - noise? The Beyonders Dave Rich - killin it. The Beyonders "Looking"
The Beyonders
"Rock and Roll" The Beyonders 'From Beyond' The Beyonders Anne - killin it. The Beyonders ISO 6400 - I shot black and white film here developed at 6400 once - it didn't come out like this. The Beyonders "Into the Light" The Beyonders 'From Behind' The Got It Need It The Got It Need It
The Got It Need It
"Goody" The Got It Need It "Howlin" The Got It Need It "Filmy" The Got It Need It "Erik"

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