Saturday, June 21, 2014

Food Truck Friday

BeachComber Yesterday I grabbed some great food and photos at Child Guidance and Family Solution's 'Food Truck Friday' - on the corner of Forge and East Market. It was hard to decide where to order from - but I went with Wholly Frijoles - I'm a sucker for Mexican. I didn't regret it - I had a few different tacos which were outstanding. I really didn't need to eat anything else - but since part of the money benefits the kids - I ordered a strawberry/banana crepe with caramel and whipped cream from Premier Crepes. It was amazing, I mean really, really amazing.
If you work in or near Downtown I can't imagine a better Summer lunch option than this event. Check it out ....I'll definitely be back.

Wholly Frijoles Wholly Frijoles Food Truck Friday I guess there was one possible negative - this was almost all of the seating. I sat on a curb - which is fine for me - but I can imagine a lot of other people preferring a table. Maybe some umbrellas or a tent too - I can imagine they might lose some business on really hot days. Premier Crepes Getting my crepes made - so, so good. Zydeco Headlight 'Zydeco Headlight'

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