Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cathedral Tower

Cathedral Tower

Last night I was driving and I noticed how good the light was on the "Cathedral Tower"(or "Rex's Erection" as us locals call it). I haven't ever photographed it up close so I pulled over. I had my 85mm lens on my camera - much too long to capture the whole tower - so I shot a series of nine photos. I then merged them in Photoshop - resulting in an image 15,000 pixels tall - the detail is really cool. This is a smaller version - 5,000 pixels - but still pretty detailed when viewed full size(click through to flickr for that).

The history of this concrete monstrosity is well documented - check out the Beacon article here.

Since the tower can be seen for such a long distance I always thought it would be cool to do a photo project depicting it with all different locations with unique foregrounds... ...when I get the time.

Pharmacy Unrelated - but I had just been at Acme in Cuyahoga Falls before I shot the tower - even though I find the new Falls Acme to be hideous - I did like the look of this pharmacy sign in the magic hour light.

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