Monday, June 9, 2014


Down on Yellow On Saturday I went for a hike on the open part of the Langes Bridle Trail - my favorite part has been closed since the massive flood earlier this Spring. I took my Canon 6D with a single lens - my $100 Canon 50mm f/1.8. I originally bought the lens for my Rebel XT as a step up over my kit lens - and even though its feels like a toy it is decent optically. My main goal was to get more of a feel for the 50mm focal length as I've been considering buying a new 50mm lens. On my Rebel and 7D(because of their smaller sensors) it looked more like an 80mm lens. 50mm on a 'full frame camera' or a 35mm film camera is considered a 'normal lens' - the resulting photos are close to what your eyes would see. 
Anyways - the reason for all this is that I've decided I'm going to buy a set of three prime lenses for my new Canon 6D instead of an expensive zoom lens or two. Canon's 24-70mm f/2.8 lens is over two grand - I can come in under that with three lens that will have better image quality and wider apertures. The only thing lost is the convenience of not having to switch lenses and having to change what will be in the image with my feet instead of wrist - which isn't of great concern to me.  So I've been reading lots of mind-numbing lens reviews over the last few weeks...
OK, enough nerd talk for now - enjoy some photos.

Lone Daisy 'Lone Daisy' Langes I love this part of the Langes - its dressed in flowers now - in the Fall there are apples to eat off the trees. Pollinator 'Pollinator' - berries on there way. Fly I think this is called a 'damselfly' - or something like that. At some point it would be nice to own a macro lens for my digital cameras - for now I just crop. Self '50mm Selfie Test' - for real, wanted to know if I could get the 'arms length' shot with this lens.

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