Monday, June 23, 2014

Ducked into the Game

Duck into The Game Laura and I did shopping for some home renovation and then stopped at The Lockview for a few drinks. We decided to walk down to Bricco for some dinner - but on our walk we heard some serious cover-rocking. We trekked over to the gates of Canal Park and with a little alcohol in our systems were moving our feets. "Lets try out 'The Game'" - the newish restaurant at the stadium- we said simultaneously. We watched 'Wild Ave' relive the past, ate some great food, and drank some Thirsty Dog beer on the patio - we would have even caught part of a Rubber Ducks game but a storm rolled in - so we finished our delicious duck bacon blt and fish tacos inside looking out. I haven't heard a bad thing about 'The Game' so I'll add to the chorus....check it out - especially on a game night....

Rain Over Canal Park 'Rain Over Canal Park' - from our new seats inside. Wild Ave. "Wild Ave" - sad and happy covers.
"Solo" Watching Wild Ave. "Wild Ave Fans" Akron "Tack Sharp" - Downtown in good light after the storm passed. Laura Laura at Building 9 - we bought some shower tile. Boring story - great portrait. Still loving my Canon 6D.

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