Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wood Splitting/Splitting Wood

Part I - Splitting Wood Splitting III
I developed another roll of Tri-X tonight that I shot with my Minolta X-700. I shot the first half of the roll at my parent's house while I was helping my Dad split and stack some trees that he had cut down. I'm very happy with the style of contrast I get out of my negatives but I think I need to get more mid-tones in my shots that have people in them. Something to think about...
Logs II Wagon Ride Log Splitting Part II - Wood is Splitting
I found these old, falling down structures on a hike in the Valley one morning. I think that they may have been stables of some sort. I have a few digital images to upload that will give some more perspective. Roofless Weeds and Blur Light Leaks *Bonus Shot* - Turtles in the Canal Turtles in Sun and Fog

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