Monday, March 5, 2012

Less Impossible

Plants with PolaroidDried Roses
With a little bit of advice I was able to improve(see a few posts down) my Polaroid SX-70 shots with the Impossible Project's PX 600 Silver Shade film. In the above left photo there is a blank white bar on the top portion - but I'm guessing that is from the camera not the film(the camera probably hadn't been used for who knows how many years).
I did two things differently - first, I turned the dark/light wheel all the way to the dark side. Second, I placed the photos between 2 of my shirts to keep them warmer during developing. Its a learning curve - I'm just glad I'm improving.

Below is a tripod "head" I built for my SX-70 to keep it still during long exposures.
Homemade SX-70 Holder
Bonus - Today in the Valley....
The Red Barn
...and our little buddy, the black cat we've adopted at the farm...
The Black Cat

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