Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Triple Flash, Triple Power!

New Triple Flash Bracket
Yesterday I received two new flash accessories from BH Photo - a 45inch shoot-through umbrella and a triple flash bracket. When I bought my first shoot through umbrellas a few years ago I made the mistake of buying double fold umbrellas thinking that the portability was the most important thing - but this made them quite weak and delicate and they are getting beat up. This time I went with a far more sturdy single folding-style umbrella.
The triple flash bracket will enable me to use higher f-stops and lower ISO's on my shots by allowing me to use three flashes on a stand instead of just one. Below is my first shot with this new set-up(f/11, ISO 160).
Through the Box
I also bought a few new film-related items but I'll get to those later....

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