Monday, March 12, 2012

Hocking Hills State Park

Laura's Silhouette
Laura and I went for four main hikes while we spent the weekend in Hocking Hills. We didn't venture very far from the main "tourist hiking sites" ...because neither of us had ever been there we wanted to see as much of the park as possible. When we go back I'm sure we'll do some longer hikes and get away from the crowds. The four main areas we visited were Old Man's Cave(the most crowded/popular), Ash Cave(less crowded, beautiful waterfall), Conkle's Hollow(least crowded, very pretty), and Rock House(completely amazing, tons of photos).
Being such an avid hiker I always felt that it was ridiculous I had never been to Hocking Hills - especially with all I had heard about it. I'm glad I finally made it and I know I will be back...
Colours VII
Lower Falls Tree with Roots III

Old Man's Cave Area
Stone Bridge XVI
Lunch @ Old Man's Cave
Conkle's Hollow - it was nice to see so much green
Early Green
Laura at Ash Cave - a 90 foot waterfall
Laura @ Ash Cave
Laura at Rock House
The rest of the photos can be seen here(with a final few coming tomorrow).

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