Thursday, March 8, 2012

Contrasty Hammond-Cranz

Hammond-Cranz House
This is the rest of the roll from yesterday - Tri-X 400 with my Minolta X-700 and wide-angle lens. The above photo was two stops under-exposed to get the super high-contrast effect - in fact all of the shots at this historic farmstead were between one and two stops under. I think it worked perfect with the low sun and old buildings. It reminds me of the famous Ansel Adams Bodega Church image.
Hammond-Cranz Barn #1

The Garage
Hammond-Cranz Garage
The below image was a test - the top part is one stop over-exposed, the below part is two stops under-exposed.
One Stop Over 2 Stops Under
Looking into the garage - with some sun glare.
Light and Dark
More super high contrast
Hammond-Cranz Garage
Hammond-Cranz Barn #2 Hammond-Cranz House II

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