Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Camera, New Film, New Format

Tantrum Laura
As the title indicates I tried out three new things today/tonight. I shot an early 40's box camera(Target Brownie Six-20), with Kodak T-Max 100 film, then developed it in HC-110 developer. The camera is pretty much as simple as it gets - 2 aperture sizes and two shutter speeds(bulb and around 1/50 second). I shot with the smaller aperture being that I was using a faster film then the camera was originally designed for(ISO 100 instead of ISO 64).I also had to respool the film from its 120 reel onto a 620 reel so it would fit in the camera - the film is the same size the reels are different(Kodak did this back in the day so you had to use their film with their cameras(620 film is no longer made)). Since I had never developed T-Max I went with Kodak's recommended time of 6.5 minutes and I agitated every thirty seconds for five seconds. With all the variables involved I was surprised at how well everything turned out. The only problem I encountered was getting the film on the reel for the developing tank - it was my first time developing 120mm film and I did rough it up a bit in the process. There is also a lot of dust marks(from the lens and drying) which I chose not to Photoshop out. I didn't see the point of doing things an old-timey way just to digitally fix it......
Downtown Akron V
Back HoeMain Street

from the parking deck across the street
From Above
house on High Street with Church behind
House and Church Study #1
Main Street
Main Street II
There should be an 8th photo but like a dummy I thought the number one was just a line so I skipped it and went to number two. There is no way to fix that because you only advance medium format film one way - you don't rewind it at the end so there is no rewind knob.

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