Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Pat's w/ Canonet 28

Matinee on St. Pat's
I recently replaced the light seals on my early 70's Canon Canonet 28 and placed a WeinCell(mercury replacement) battery in it. Everything seemed to be working well so I took it for a test drive on St. Patrick's Day. I shot one roll of expired Fuji Superia 400 and a brand new, fresh roll of the same film. Everything thing came out well(besides a few missed focuses) but you can definitely tell the faded, hipstamtic* look of the old Superia vs. the vibrant more saturated colors of the new roll.
So feast your eyes on a photo essay of Laura and my St. Pat's Day - replete with bar crawl down West Market!
The Beginning: Larry's Laura @ Arnie's
First and Second stop: Larry's and Arnie's

St. Paul's - almost to the Square
Laura and St. Paul's
At The Matinee - Laura, Wes
Laura @ The Matinee Wes - Kinda Joking
Hanging out at Josh's
Ian Laura
John and David
John and David
Wes and new Stones' Tattoo
Wes and New Tattoo
*its funny to now call an actual old film shot by the name of the digital imitator....gotta give the kids a frame-of-reference though!

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