Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cabin in the Hocking Hills

Lazy Hollow
Laura and I had been planning on getting away to the Hocking Hills area for a while - this past weekend we finally made it happen. After hours of sorting through the many, many cabins on the internet we settles on the Lazy Hollow Cabin at Autumn Ridge. Its was a perfect choice. A completely private cabin on a hillside in the woods with a wood burning fireplace, hot tub, covered front porch, fire pit, picnic area, and the whole thing just minutes from all the great hiking and scenery of Hocking Hills State Park. Besides the parks, the area is filled with old farms and scenic country roads - I could have shot thousands of photos(I did bring three cameras). Anyways - this post is the photos from our cabin and its property - I'll have photos of the State Parks tomorrow.
Beer and Fire Laura
Cabin From Above Cabin from the Back

On the Porch
Tending the Fire
The below photo was a 30 second exposure I took while Laura checked the status of our burgers with a flashlight. The moving light through the smoke made for a pretty cool image.
Grilling in the Dark

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