Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Farm with a Box

Valley Train
I shot another roll of T-Max 100 in my Target Brownie Six-20(a 1940's box camera) - this time at the farm. After re-spooling the film onto a 620 reel and carefully into the camera I was ready to go. I love the big 6x7 negatives this takes and the vignetted edges. I realized though that I didn't use enough developer in my tank - you can see every image has a dark edge.
Billy'sDave On His Way To Rip

The Farm
Farming Season
I accidentally pulled the long exposure or "bulb" lever on my camera on this shot - thus the blur.
Dave and the John Deere 8335r
Dave and the 8335r
"Billy's" - the Hunt Farm Visitor Center
The Red Barn
Red Barn
I've been developing this in Kodak HC-110(b) but they do make a special T-Max developer - I'll have to try that when I run out of HC-110. I think its supposed to make the grain finer.

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