Friday, March 2, 2012

Impossible! (well, kinda hard)

First Attempt
Above is my first attempt to shot the Impossible Project's PX 600 Silver Shade film(with a grey frame). I bought a ND filter for the film pack so I could use it in my original Polaroid SX-70 which brings it from ISO 600 to 100.
Shooting Impossible film isn't quite as easy as shooting Polaroid's films - these new film are experimental and unstable. The cannot be exposed to light immediately after being shot so I used a PX Shade in my camera to cover it - then flipped the camera over and slide the photo onto my counter(as per Scott @ Aperture's direction(where I bought the film and filters). It also needs to be near 70 degrees to get the shots to come out right. My second shot was a failure and I'm waiting for some advice from a flickr group before I shoot anymore(this stuff ain't cheap!)
PX 600 Silver ShadeImpossible Dark Slide
Above left is the film package, ND filters, and PX Shade.  Above right is the dark slide.

The failed shot...
Failed Silver Shade
Even though in a way its feels like all the steps defeat the purpose of "instant photography" its still something I wanted to try. I guess that way when they do perfect the film I can be one of those cranky dudes who says stuff like "you kids don't know how good you got it...we used to have to check the temperature and cover our films and then sometimes......"

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Tim Fitzwater said...

I think I'm gonna make a highly Photoshopped version of the good photo - darken myself and the camera a bunch.
I built my own tripod holder for my SX-70 to hold it still. This was a fairly long exposure.