Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Gorge

Who doesn't like The Gorge? Everyone likes The Gorge. I went there tonight and didn't even take one photograph of the dam - notice I didn't say "post" - I said "take".  For real, besides, I already did it perfect, right?
Fall 5
The old light through fall leaves gag. The Gorge
The Lake - hopefully someday this will be gone - and we'll have the Cuyahoga Falls again. Contrails Reflected
A reflection of some government chemtrails reflected in the water. Chemtrails man, scary stuff, look it up* Floating Vibes
Leave in Dirty Water Study
Leaf in Dirty Water Study #2 - you prolly can't be mad at that!

*Don't actually look that up - you'll come away feeling stupider.

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